• Distance Learning Frequently Asked Questions


    What are my students' usernames and passwords?

    The student's username is a legal first name, followed by the first letter of his/her last name. (Example: John Smith: johns). The username will serve as part of the email address for students, username@fhisd.net and students will need to use their email address for ChromeOS devices.

    The default password is the students' school ID number followed by fh$ (Example: 123456fh$).

    If you do not know your children's school ID or are a new registrant, contact your child's school at:
    Fort Hancock High School- (915) 769-1604
    Fort Hancock Middle School- (915) 769-1603
    Benito Martinez Elementary- (915) 769-1602


    My student needs a Chromebook. How can I get one?

    If your student needs a Chromebook, please contact your school. Currently, we are providing a Chromebook to every student in a household.

    How can I find an internet service?

    FHISD is currently providing Hotspots, and asking for availability. FHISD has a list of area providers.. Please click here to find the list.

    What is Google Classroom?

    Google Classroom is a tool for teachers to assign and share content, distribute coursework, and communicate with students. Students can access Google Classroom via Clever, or by signing into their Google account.

    I can't find Chrome on my Chromebook. Where can I find it?

    Chrome should automatically open when you sign onto the Chromebook. However, if it doesn't open, or gets closed, there are two ways to reopen it. In the dock, find the Chrome icon that is yellow, red, green, and blue. If the icon isn't there, you can click on the circle in the far bottom left, and it will open a section that has apps. Chrome should be listed here.

    Chrome Task Bar

    If I have further technology related questions, where can I get help?

    For further technology questions, please contact your school. Your school will work to get you in touch with a staff member who is able to assist you, or pass along further information to the Technology Department.